Who Uses Aquanate

Salmon farmers, trout farmers, catfish farmers, shrimp farmers, tilapia farmers, aquaculture students, government representatives, fish vets, state and federal hatcheries.


Aquanate’s powerful tools are available from any device with internet connectivity: your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.  Track facility activity from anywhere in the world.

The Feed Management System provides tools to monitor feed data and expenses. This feature includes managing feed vendor data, feed purchasing, feeding schedule, consumption projections, feed inventory tracking, and consumption monitoring.
Aquanate provides a complete tool-set for monitoring farm inventory. Inventory monitoring is available on a tank, lot, and farm wide basis. Aquanate.com supports: mortality tracking, inventory estimate error, harvests, moves, spawning, and projections. Know where your fish are and how they got there.
Aquanate COGS system allows farms to track farm expenses in detail and assigns costs to fish populations. Costs can be related to one or several tanks, lot classes, or the entire farm. Our system allows you to view the cost of producing a single kilogram of fish broken down into individual components.
Aquanate has joined forces with AquaFarm to offer Aquaculture Facility Planning & Simulation software. AquaFarm simulation software is based in aquacultural science and engineering and uses computer simulation to analyze aquaculture systems. Our software can be applied to all types of aquaculture systems, including finfish, crustacean, mollusk, and microalgae and macroalgae production facilities.
Aquanate includes an extensive fish tracking and reporting system designed for use with data acquisition software. Individual fish data and population statistics can be imported in a CVS file or entered directly. Tanks, buildings and feed are correlated with the fish information, in addition to population trends.
Upload, download and manage files of any kind through our online interface. Aquanate’s file management portal shares files for users, creating a central, easily accessed location for exchanging data and updating files.
Aquanate is a secure application offering multiple levels of access. Configure permissions to be appropriate to the user. Farm data is stored in a secure, central location with fully fortified and monitored servers.
Extensive reporting and statistical analysis tools are available through each of the Aquanate features. View Feed consumption by tank or species, track tank mortality on a monthly or daily basis. Aquanate reporting can be delivered thorough email, viewed via the web, or downloaded in CSV format.